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Contact Us for Sales, Dealership and Service  +90 212 671 27 27

Contact Us for Sales, Dealership and Service
+90 212 671 27 27
Filo Ana Sayfa Mobil Slider

1997 to Present

As Filo Compressor, we are with you in your pre-sales,
after-sales, and technical service processes by producing compressors,
air dryers, and their parts for all sectors.

Filo Kompresör olarak tüm sektörler için;
kompresör, hava kurutucuları ve parçalarını üreterek satış öncesi, satış sonrası ve teknik servis süreçlerinizde yanınızda oluyoruz.

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We Produce All Over the World

We are here as Filo Compressor with our excitement and eagerness to serve the ever-changing and evolving world of technology!

We produce high-quality compressors and air dryers, leaving a remarkable impression in every company we work with, by providing our business partners with the best products and services we offer.

We manufacture products in world standards without compromising quality and certify it with our certificates.


Screw Compressors, Air Dryers, Screw Compressor Units, Air Dryer Equipment, Compressor Equipment, Oil-Free Scroll Compressors, and High-Pressure Booster Products are at Filo Compressor!