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Contact Us for Sales, Dealership and Service  +90 212 671 27 27

Contact Us for Sales, Dealership and Service
+90 212 671 27 27


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Turkey's Compressor Brand
Career in Filo

We believe that one of the most important reasons for wanting to work at Filo Compressor is the importance we place on the employee experience.

We create our approach in the most suitable way for our brand culture and by examining the best global practices; we implement our experience steps with "human-centered" design principles.

We collect all the ideas of our team members and plan all our actions based on these insights. We constantly renew ourselves in the areas where we are lacking through the measurements we make; we aim to create a flawless employee experience for the entire Filo team.

Strategic Human Resources

Filo Compressor, on the path to becoming "Turkey's Compressor", places importance on contemporary strategic human resources practices and the education of company employees and interns, which are required for its leadership position.

Goal: Creating Value!

We define our employee profile as follows: experts in their field, socially skilled, highly motivated towards the company, eager to learn and develop themselves, and value creators.

Filo'da Kariyer

Priority Continuing Education

In addition to the training and personal development programs carried out by Filo Compressor, we also attach importance to the education of managerial candidates who strengthen our company, as well as candidates who are experts in their field and are committed to self-improvement.

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