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Contact Us for Sales, Dealership and Service  +90 212 671 27 27

Contact Us for Sales, Dealership and Service
+90 212 671 27 27


Our values have brought us to the top of our industry.

Filo Compressor

We have been producing from Turkey to the whole world since 1997.

We are excited and eager to serve the ever-changing and evolving world of technology at Filo Compressor! With our best products and services provided to our business partners, we manufacture high-quality compressors and air dryers that leave a remarkable impression on every company we work with.

Our primary responsibility to our business partners, partners, and the world is to work by calculating every detail to ensure that each product we manufacture is efficient and durable. We stand by every business partner who has purchased a product or service from Filo Compressor and we are there for them in every situation. We plan all of our tailored resources and solutions based on the specific needs of our business partners/partners, aiming to provide services beyond their expectations with our pre-sales and after-sales technical services.

Every day, we remind ourselves of why we do this work and our purpose of existence, and we have a great respect and admiration for our work, effort, and business partners. We believe in honesty, loyalty, and growing together with our customers in the business world.

Filo Ürün Grubu

Why Are We Here?

Filo Compressors and Air Dryers contribute to domestic production and national power with the compressors and dryers produced in the Filo Compressors and Air Dryers factory.

How Do We Work?

We meet the needs of our business partners and partners by producing compressors and air dryers that are tailored to their needs, with pre-sales and after-sales technical service. We strive to exceed their expectations with our service approach.


What Are We Doing?

At Filo, we manufacture compressors, air dryers, and spare parts, and provide sales, pre-sales, post-sales, and technical services to support you every step of the way.

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